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Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
Storage Instructions: Keep capped when not in use. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and heat.
Ingredients: Dextrose, One or more of Tartrazine, Sunset Yellow, Ponceau 4R, Carmosine, Carmelin, Brilliant Blue FCF salts., Titanium Dioxide. Dextrose
Directions: Add directly to molten white chocolate/compound and mix well. Can be used for oil based products.
  • 11 attractice and distinct dhades of choose from.
  • Adds a bright, brilliant color to white chocalate / compund, cakes, oil based products and many more confections.
  • Highly concentrated. Just small amount to your molten chocalate and Mix. gives excellent bright colors.
  • Attractive container with Al-Lid for longer shelf life.
  • Other uses: pther oild based products and & food products

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Sugarin Combo Oil Powder Food Color, 2.5gm X 7 pcs.

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