Sugarin is a manufacturer of Premium Food Colours and Speciality Sugar Dough from Surat, India.

2015 Two passionate bakers decided to start manufacturing home-made fondant. This is the beginning of Sugarin. Since sugar is the main ingredient in fondant, the word sugar was incorporated into the brand name Sugarin. Sugarin stands for Sugar India. Sugarin started manufacturing Icing Color Gel and Oil Candy Colour the same year. Sugarin fondant is instantly popular locally. Bakers are showing keen interest in food colors and fondants.

2016 Sugarin started selling via Also, new products like Edible luster Dust and Edible Petal Dust are being developed to cater to the larger needs of ever-growing customers. Sugarin became a top seller on Amazon for many products, and sales grew exponentially.

2017 A new website,, was launched along with Apps for iPhone and Android phones. Sugarin kept on increasing its product range by launching new products like Edible Airbrush Colours and Edible Brush Paints. Sugar-based products also achieved Halal certification.

2018 Saw further growth in sales, with sales and demand at an all-time high. Sugarin collaborated with top Indian artists to create a niche line of products called Master's Choice. Also a major milestone as Sugarin shifted to working at a larger facility. To meet demand, a second facility opened the same year.

2019 Sugarin went international with new warehouse partnerships, helping us open sales in the US and UK. Sugarin redeveloped the idea of Master's Choice as Artistic Collaboration Products, which will prove to be benchmark products in the industry in the coming years. These Collaborations created the most award winning and unique products the industry has witnessed. When passion and talent meet, game changers like Sugarin Artistic Collaborations are born. 2019 also saw Sugarin participate for the first time in an international fair, one of the biggest in the world: Cake International, UK.

2020 The year of the COVID pandemic Despite the global lockdown, Sugarin saw sales rise to new heights. As a food ingredient supplier, Sugarin was always eager to supply products to eagerly waiting customers in all parts of India and around the world. Sugarin Artistic Collaborations started with renowned international artists from the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and Thailand. More innovative products were launched.

2021 Sales growth will be unstoppable. Sugarin started sales in Oman. New products like Modeling Chocolate, Edible Artists' Oil Paints, Compact Palettes, and MeltMyCocoaHeart are launched. Sugarin's quality is appreciated and loved by customers in India and around the world. With each passing year, Sugarin became the preferred choice of food colour and sugar dough.

2022 A new proud chapter adds to Sugarin's story. Sugarin became BRCGS certified with a grade of A. BRCGS is the world's top-notch food safety certification. Sugarin also launched next-gen propellant-free Aerosols and Edible markers, Lekhni. To serve more customers around the world, Sugarin started warehouses in Thailand, Qatar, and the Philippines. Wonderful times are ahead for Sugarin, as the company is preparing to amaze customers with a new concept called Sugarin Connect.

About Sugarin's Co-founders:

Mayur Naik
He is a chemical engineer by education and has worked in Inks, Coatings, and other specialized industries before venturing into the food sector through Sugarin. His vast experience with colours and formations has helped Sugarin build an impressive portfolio of cake decorations and confectionery products.

Dr. Reshma Soni
She is a pediatrician by profession and has worked with major IVF hospitals in Surat, Gujarat. She has worked exclusively with neonatal patients over the years. Her experience in management helped Sugarin build a world-class facility and develop new products.

Sugarin is growing each day with these strong and efficient co-founders who believe in the motto:"Achieve customer satisfaction and meet food safety and quality requirements through continuous improvement in quality."

Sugarin only manufactures EDIBLE and VEGAN products.

Sugarin products are always Vegan, Nut-free, Dairy-free, Egg-free, Gluten-free, and Trans-fat-free.