Modeling Paste By Anna Austin

Cake Canvas – happiness in a box’ is a cake design studio in the far shores of Kerala, conceived by the immensely talented Anna Austin (Anna Mathew Vadayatt) who is forever pushing the boundaries of cake art to greater heights through themes and ideas that inspires her. The name says it all. The designer strives with each of her creations to reach out and spread happiness to those who view her creations. The artist is heavily influenced by Indian art and loves to embody the vast and colourful cultural heritage through her chosen path of art. The creative artist has been making beautiful designs brimming with life out of rich chocolate cakes and heavenly sweet fondant for the past seven years. Anna has mastered the art of people modelling and has brought the technique to the forefront of Cake designing in India. She is recognized as one among the top in Modelling Excellence as a finalist at the Cake Masters Magazine Awards 2015 and winner of the Modelling Excellence Award at Cakeology 2018. She was a member of the Steampunk Collaboration which won the Cake Masters Collaboration Award 2018 and is one among the Cake Masters India Top 10 in 2017 and 2018. She was one among the judges for the Indian Cake Awards 2019.

Usual mediums used in edible modelling like chocolate and sugar paste are constantly at the mercy of the elements and wilt at the slightest deviation from the prescribed temperature or humidity. It is the constant search to this malady that made me reach out for something that is easy to mould, manage and shape. A paste that can be mended at any stage but at the same time maintains its integrity to keep a petite figurine lively and keep the bounciness of a flowing skirt intact.

This edible starch based product is resistant to humidity and can hold its shape perfectly well even for the tiniest finger or the luscious flow of a head of curls. In case of any breakage it is super easy to mend and blend with just a little bit of water. To put it insimpler terms, it’s a breakthrough innovation which will help you to make edible dolls, figurines or pretty much any shape that requires finesse to adorn your special cakes for those special occasions.

Modeling paste by Anna Austin | 400gm

Ready to use Miracle Modelling Paste for wired and free standing figurines. The edible starch based.....

Sugarin Combo Modeling paste by Anna Austin | 400gm x 4pcs

Ready to use Miracle Modelling Paste for wired and free standing figurines. The edible starch based.....

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