Quantum Colors by Rumana


When it comes to excellence in both cake decoration as well as pastry, only one name comes to mind: Multitalented & Industry Icon Award winner CHEF RUMANA JASEEL

Presenting a brand new way to color your chocolate (and many more pastry and cake decorating products): The Quantum Colors by Rumana.

A bold and robust Colored Cocoa Butter that is perhaps most intense ever with a unique portioning concept. A Shade Guide that helps to create same color everytime, consistantly.

Pastel to bold colors for Chocolate/ Cocoabutter/ Glazes/ Compound/ Fondant/ Gumpaste/ Painting on edible medium etc.

  • Color any Fat based products - Quantum colors are primarily used for coloring fat based products such as chocolate, cocoa butter, buttercream, ice cream, mousse,marzipan etc.
  • Color other products - Quantum colors are not just limited to fat soluble products but can also equally be beneficial for coloring other confectionery products like fondant, gumpaste, Modelling paste, Modelling Chocolate, Poured Fondant, Glazes, etc.
  • Limitless colour palette - One can create any shade imaginable with the range of colors that we offer.
  • User friendly and Time saving - The Color guide and the mobile app provides an excellent guidance on creating the prefect shade with consistency making it user friendly and time saving.
  • Usage - Each prism of quantum colors is a highly concentrated unit of color of Color which can be easily be separated for the required dosage.
  • No wastage - Guarantees the same consistent result every single time with no wastage.

Quantum Colors by Rumana | 14gm

plus Rs.79 Shipping per Kg. for all over India.Note: Shipping charge may differ for other countries......

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