Sugarin Modelling Paste by Anna Austin | 400gm

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Ingredient Type: VegetarianVegetarian
Storage Instructions: Do not expose to temperature above 40 C. Store away from direct sunlight and heat.

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Ready to use Miracle Modelling Paste for wired and free standing figurines. The edible starch based product is resistant to humidity and can hold its shape in any climatic condition. It maintains its integrity to keep a petite figurine lively and keep the bounciness of a flowing skirt intact. It is super easy to mend and blend with just a little bit of water. It does not sag like the other mediums and will retain the moulded shape.

A breakthrough innovation which helps in making any shape that requires finesse to adorn your special cakes for those special occasions.

Once opened store the modelling paste in an airtight pouch or container. Do not expose to temperature above 40 C. Store away from direct sunlight.