About Us

Sugarin is a manufacturer/processor of premium quality food color formulations and specility sugar.

2014: two passionate bakers decided to start manufacturing home made fondant. Sugarin Icing Color Gel and Oil Candy Color are also born. Fondant is instantly hit locally. Bakers show keen interest in food colors and fondant.

2015: fondant exports starts. Private labelling started Bulk supply also started.

2016: Sales on amazon.in started. Edible Petal Dusts and Edible Lustre Dusts are are also available. Sugarin is amazon.in top seller. Sales grow exponentially.

2017: www.sugarincakedecor.com started. Sugarin Andeoid and iPhone apps launched. Edible Airbrush and Brush Paints also launched. Sugarin products are Halal and FDA approved.

2018: Sales and demand - all time high. Masters' Choice launched. Shifted to larger mfg facility. Second facility also started production.

2019: Sales starts in US and Malaysia via warehouses. Launch of Artistic Collaboration products. Instant success.

2020: Sugarin UK started sales. Year of Covid. Sales rose to new heights. More collaborations. More innovative products. New possinilities.

2021: launch of Chef's Choice. More than 60+ artists comnected via this program. Launching next generation Aerosols.